Hey all my friends and fans out there!! If you follow me on TWITTER or FACEBOOK you’ve seen me posting about the movie I wrote and am producing and starring in (HOPEFULLY) this Summer of 2015!  It’s called FIND WHAT YOU LOVE and LET IT KILL YOU!  It’s a movie about a small town outcast artist who falls in love with a mysterious drift, but when they come up against a group of ignorant local red necks, their very bond could put his life at risk, and the uncovering of a dark secret will forever change his life as he knows it.  We shot a teaser for the film last Summer and we will be releasing it very soon on our brand new awesome website (built by the awesome guys who built this one) with the movie poster, designed by our uber talented bud Steven Mayhew!

For now, we are asking people to please LIKE and invite people to LIKE our FACEBOOK page! We are at 700 plus likes, and if we hit 1000 before the website is finished, we will release a tease of the teaser! officially on the FACEBOOK page!

So please, pretty please with a cherry on top go to love banner 3

and LIKE our page and invite people to LIKE it please!

We would really appreciate it and the more attention the movie page gets, the more it could help us get producers on board!



Adam Huss


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    Fiona Rae Brunner


    Hi Adam! This is Fiona Rae Brunner. We met for a quick second and The Debate Societies’ Christmas party. I’ve been hoping to get in touch with you and realized that I gave you my number but I never actually got down your number/email. You were talking about the reading of this project happening when we met and I’m so happy to see it might be happening for the both of you this summer. Congratulations, you guys are both so great and I hope it keeps going well for you both. Wonderful to see positive things happening for good people. I’d love to catch up with you soon. I’m heading out to La in a week for a few appointments and I thought you would be a perfect person to get in touch with for recommendations on opportunities/teachers/theaters/workshops to check out while I’m there. Overall though, it was so great to meet you and I definitely hope we get a chance to reconnect soon. Sending you all the good XX Fiona


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