WILD moved me closer to what’s important in this life and what I know to be in my gut

I just finished the book WILD by Cheryl Strayed, which is now out in theaters starring Reese Witherspoon, who also just got nominated for a Golden Globe for the film.  I loved this book.  I love Reese Witherspoon, always have, and this is perfect casting for the woman in this book

.  I obviously knew she was in the movie from the trailer, so I couldn’t help but picture her the whole time while reading the book, which made it even more enjoyable for me, since I am such a fan. And also because you can see someone like Reese Witherspoon identifying with this woman’s pain and her journey to find herself in this extreme way that brings her closer to life and the core of who she really is.  I felt myself moving closer to my inner voices that put so much of this crazy life into perspective when I quiet all the noise, both literally and figuratively. I read the book on long subway rides around the city, and there would be moments where tears would just be streaming down my face.  I could feel the Pacific Crest Trail she was hiking, smell what she smelled,  see the beauty she saw, and I was traversing the hardships she came up against.

After I finished the book tonight, I was so moved by it, I still can’t shake it hours later.  Nothing crazy dramatic happens.  There is no sweeping love story mixed in, or thrilling adventure, just a tale told with such honesty and authenticity that you can’t help but feel that you’re hiking right there next to her.  I’ve been sitting here watching clips of the film, and it seems a very loyal adaptation to the book, which excites me even more.  Perhaps it moved me so, because I never feel closer to who I really am than when I am alone in nature, hiking in California, or camping.  All seems so clear, without the opinions or judgments of others to so easily sway me from what I know I am really worth at my core.  I sit here now yearning for my days in the Toponga mountains, with my Jack Kerouac book, my iPod playing This Will Destroy You, just laying on a  rock after hiking to the top of the trail, basking in the sun.  I’m there now in my soul and I want to stay there for awhile to come.  Hope I can.  Physically I can not be there now, but I will try my damnedest to stay there in my heart.

Here’s a link to a featurette on the movie WILD! I WILL BE SEEING IT THIS WEEK and I WILL WEIGH IN 🙂


One of my inspirations as an actor has two great movies coming out…

This is one of my favorite young actors. Love the choices he has made as of late. He was amazing in one of my favorite books that was adapted into a film ON THE ROAD, great in INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, and I love what he is doing in the trailer for this movie, PAN. He has another film coming out soon called UNBROKEN, directed by Angelina Jolie, which also looks incredible. Every interview he is humble, he talks about how he would rather go home and read F SCOTT FITZGERALD than go out on the town, and he is always gracious to the interviewer even when they’re asking him a nonsense question. He is an inspiration to me as an actor, so I’m posting about it now before he blows up too big and everyone just think thinks I’m jumping on some bandwagon! Class act in many ways! Oh and I met him once and told him he was one of models for how I want my career to go and he was really cool and said “I usually don’t have this weird mustache” which made me laugh. Doesn’t take himself too serious it seems either! Can’t wait to see PAN and UNBROKEN! Click the links to see the trailers!panposter003