Like many of us, during the pandemic I had to get creative to stay creatively fulfilled! I’ve been diving into writing for some time now, but jumped it into high gear since I had the downtime! Now my screenplay ORIGINAL TRU is being shopped around by Brillstein Entertainment Partners and Oakhurst Entertainment! It will star Garrett Clayton (TEEN BEACH, HAIRSPRAY LIVE, KING COBRA) and Misha Osherovich (FREAKY, NOS4A2), who also helped develop it! I am thrilled! Here’s a little logline and some awesome comic book concept art done by Sonny Nichols!

LOGLINE: Truman’s a high school outcast, who also happens to be the anonymous creator of Truth Man, a comic book burn book that exposes the in crowd and has become hotter than he ever expected.

When popular jock Bastian asks him out it seems to good to be true, but as their connection grows, they’re forced to choose between exposing their secret identities or losing true love. 


FILMING PARADOX, a time travel sci fi action movie in LA!

Hey guys, here are the first few pics from the movie PARADOX I am currently filming in LA with EMPIRE’s  Malik Yoba and DEATH PROOF’s Zoe Bell! I play an action hero and am the lead of the film! Doing crazy fight scenes and some really great, fun scenes! WELL WRITTEN! GREAT DIRECTOR, CAST , AND CREW! REALLY EXCITED! Check back here for more updates!IMG_6826 IMG_6725